Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thumb drive sounds dirty to some folks....

I spoke with my Brother tonight, he kills me. He is not tech savy, at all.


First off, he thinks my blogging is one of the most ridiculous hobbies ever...which is cool with me really. It is a dorky hobby. And when I talk about my "friends", he will ask if they are real friends, or my computer friends. Frankly, most of my "real friends" are my computer friends. That all sounds dorky to him....

Anywho, so he asked how Vegas was, how much I won gambling. I don't gamble. I just don't. I used to like playing dogs, and horses. A skill a good "real friend" taught me when I was 16 and in high school, he also taught me the joy of gin around the same time. I also like blackjack, love blackjack. But seriously my frugal nature, makes it hard for me to drop $5 minimum bets down. I am just not lucky, nor think I will ever win big...I loathe slots. I have been to Las Vegas 2 times in the last 2 years, and have not wasted one red cent gambling.

He asked how the conference was, briefly, but he was most interested in the Penthouse party. Go figure.

So I told him, the Blackfive crew was very gracious to invite all of us, and the ladies at the Penthouse Club were all VERY SWEET. Something I am not sure if I expected or not. But they were. There were 4 "pets" there, and they were all sweet and actually signed headshots for DH, for his 40th birthday. They obliged the old married ladies, and did it smiling. They even stood up and smiled for pictures.

AWTM: "They were very nice, and made sure everyone got a complimentary issue, the headshots, and a penthouse thumbdrive."

Brother: crickets chirping, and the an "uhhhh"

AWTM: "a thumb drive"

Brother: an even more uncomfortable period of silence

AWTM: "a thumb drive, for the computer."

Brother: sighing, the biggest sigh of relief ever....

I am not sure what he thought a thumb drive was, or why he thought if it was something "dirty" I would just be so forthcoming with it, but it seriously had me in tears...

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Bouhammer said...

ok, that had me cracking up too. If he is not technically savvy, I can only imagine what the heck he was thinking.

Troy "Bouhammer"