Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So guess who gets to show up in Vegas at the mil-blog conference wearing an eye patch on speak like a pirate day?

I had metal shards removed from my right eye today!

Great, can you say the day sucked balls...cuz it did...

I went to the GP, because tri-care says I need a referral.

I went to the GP who took a small piece of metal out, put in anesthetic drops and sent me on my way to get eye drops. I also had blood taken, because indeed I had a small anaphylactic response to scallops, and may never be able to consume shellfish again...so long lobster bisque.

I drove to the bank, and then Walmart, because I had groceries to get...and hurt soooo bad I just wanted to be done.

Walmart did not have the aforementioned drops.

By the time I got into the parking lot, I was in so much pain (worse than child birth pain), that I was disoriented, couldn't see because of all of the tearing.

I actually had to ask for help finding my car, because I could barely function...seriously how absolutely humiliating is that.

So then I drove to Walgreens. Who mentioned they did not have the eye drops, after I waited for 15 minutes.

I then drove to Hy-Vee to the pharmacy.

They informed me, the drops are not even made any longer.

Let me remind you here I labored with PN at home, and drove to the hospital at 9 1/2 centimeters, with no tears.

I was in such pain, I was in tears. I was crying in my car....I was in a heap of tears, like a big baby. How ridiculous.

I called my Dr. back and read the entire office the riot act and demanded I go to an eye Dr.

I have to call SR school, and tell them I have to pick him up early. Go to the school pick home up drive to the eye Dr. with naughty children in tow.

Get my eyes dilated, gtts put in, lights shining in them..(I actually could see my own capillaries), and got yet another piece of metal removed.

Anyway....I spent from 10:45-4:00pm in the car, driving, looking for non existent eye drops, had an allergy test done, and had 2 pieces of metal removed from my eye...

In good news, how cool will I look like in Vegas with a freaking eye patch, and on speak like a pirate day to boot. I mean you cannot make shit like this up...

*I am soooo not wearing the eye patch....

Anyone know a pirate with a shellfish allergy? I mean really....


Anonymous said...

Big hugs, sweetie!!!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

I have nice boots, a big gold earring and a head scarf I will bring (to make you laugh!)

I can't believe you couldn't find your car BUT YOU STILL DROVE?? oy!

Hey -- add glitter or sequins to the patch and you will fit right in!!

Army of Mom said...

You know, you can't make up stuff like this! How in the world did you get metal shards in your eyes?

Arrrrr, you'll have a cute booty in Vegas! Arrrrr.

PrncessCat said...

Seriously, Woman? Metal shards?

I think you should wear the eye patch and talk like a pirate. Maybe we can find you the Seinfeld puffy shirt.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...right?