Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My eye is awesome today...

The human body is a wonderful thing...

It really is.

My right eye, feels awesome this morning, like nothing happenned.

Who knew that the pain that makes one curl up in a fetal position and act like a complete pussy, could be GONE within 24 hours.

The human body amazes me.

The eye Dr. was about the calmest, most gentle human on the planet. I told him, his job would make me just puke all day.

I do not "do eye stuff"...I mean I have seen my share of eye stuff. I can clean a prosthetic eye, and all of the things that accompany that...

But watching someone get an eyelid get flipped inside out...if I had to watch I would feel as though my mind flew into a million pieces. A little eye phobic, like Bou.

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loqi said...

Injuries to your eye heal super-fast. From the sounds of it you had a corneal scratch from the metal in your eye. OW! My sister also agreed that the pain is worse than childbirth.

Glad to hear you're feeling so much better! :) I'm thinking you ladies should still wear bedazzled eye patches to Vegas - and post pictures for the rest of us to enjoy. :-D