Wednesday, September 17, 2008

peeking from behind the curtain...

Going dark never lasts long. Particularly when your lap top gets fixed! Hooray to the folks at the UNL 501 building again. I heart you.

While speaking to my DH this morning, between errands I was given strict orders to get my things packed, and not wait until the last minute. All because of the trip I made to the White House, where I almost missed my flight, and then threw my clothing into a suitcase, and forgot my makeup. (only to sit in airports for half of the day. Like having a Drill Sgt around.

In my defense I will say, I am not used to being a lady on the go. Nope. I am used t getting everything done first, and than me. (Like every other woman on the planet.)

SR had a stellar day at school yesterday, if you want a sort of idea go over to SpouseBuzz, because I posted about it there. I have decided to use last years system as a way of communicating with the teacher, and we will be working on a reward system.

There are never enough hours in the day, are there?

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