Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blog World Expo Milblog Panel 1

Are Milblogs Relevant?

Moderated by Ward Carol, editor.

Ward discussing the span of milblogs over the past 5 years. How it has gone from obscure to The White House. Discusses Mudville Gazette and Blackfive.

How does one remain relvant?

Panelists introduce themselves.

They include, CJ Grisham of A Soldier's Perspective, Matt Burden of Blackfive, Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette and Milblogs, and Phil Carter of Intel Dump and Obama for America.

Panelists introduce themselves.

I actually think Blackfive, is summing this up nicely, because he understands, that one person cannot "help". He discusses energy of community.

Define relevant?

Ward actually makes a good point, about does this mean taking care of one another as a community, or affecting public discourse?

What is enough?

Phil Carter, a campaigner for Obama, actually discusses the relevance as the people that come and discuss public opinion, re: politics.

CJ speaks about how blogging is therapuetic for him, and how it really makes a difference in his day. (I soooo get this)

Greyhawk speaks about how he thinks blogging in theater has changed because of command issues, and how frankly folks in theater normally do not have much time to blog. Readership matters, numbers do not matter, who reads is important.

Matt says he really wants to remain relevant by continuing the tenants of Blackfive, helping those in the community, the wounded the fallen, that makes the difference.

Someone unfamiliar with the milblogging community stands to ask how the blogoshere can organize itself better?


Greyhawk educates the man quickly and explains, Soldier's Angels, Valour IT, and other support organizations that are the pinnicle of the milblogosphere.

CJ, wants to not only use his blog as therapy, to assist other soldiers.

John of Arghhhhh speaks about influencing political opinion from the blogosphere.

Soldier's Angel Holly stands to ask, who is the target audience, and who is the unattended audience?

Matt Burden speaking about his Mother finding his blog.....but likes that when people need help, they do find Blackfive.

Greyhawk, understands that that bloggers enjoy writing foremost. Typically bloggers are sort of "accidental" in obtaining audience. He also discusses Rick Rescorla, and how when he put the post up, the first commenter was Rescorla's widow.

Fellow SpouseBuzz writer Carren stands to make a comment about how Blogging was therapuetic for Chuck, and how the milblogosphere has helped families.

CJ is speaking about how writing has been therapy for his him. He feels uncomfortable discussing his experiance in theater and the after affects with his wife. So he blogs about it.

Greyhawk speaks about the some times unattended audience, and how at times those readers, are helped tremendously.

A fantastic job to all on this panel. Personally, this is part of the the conference I LOVE, it recharges me to do more, to volunteer more, to educate more people....

WEll DONE indeed

*Laughing Wolf has graciously lent me his camera for the last 2 days!! Much appreciated. As soon as I get those pics on drive, I will upload them...

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