Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going Dark....until the lights blind me!


Dealing with the "kid" situation. Is there a good way to do anything? Or do you just do the best you can, or do what keeps everyone out of jail and therapy?

Trying to tie loose ends up round here for Hubby.

Also trying to figure out weather and such in Vegas, so I can pack.

Trying to get primer out of my hair, and nail beds (if they can be called that any longer) so I look human.

I also ironed linen curtains today....linen beaded curtains from Pottery Barn hell...I mean seriously, I bought linen beaded curtains. I must be insane. I will say they look awesome. Tried to iron some of my things for the trip. But I need to look at the weather in Vegas...it will be hotter than 2 hells and I will show up in a sweater...I managed to wash bedding, mop, oil base boards, and am still not done....I mean come on already. I think I am just getting used to LARGER space. Seriously. Not a valid complaint, but we were in a teeny space for so long. I lose folks here. Took the kids to the park after school, and even let them run through the sprinklers tonight. Go figure 41 in the morning,a nd hotter than blazes in the afternoon.

I pick up my laptop tomorrow! The guys at the 501 did an awesome job, SERIOUSLY. They were FAST and CHEAP. They are going on my list of cool people in town.

I have to go through bills, and make a run to the library in the a.m. we must return a stack of books, and I need something very light and distracting to read....I think Sedaris or Paluhnik are probably the ticket...

My eye is better! So my roommie in Vegas, will not be staring at a Cyclopes in her room...

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Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip... and no answer for the kids. None. I'm pretty sure mine will need therapy.