Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day...indeed!

We managed to labor today.

We took some shelving out of the garage. I love DH's cordless drill.

DH and I (mostly DH) moved wall lockers to the back wall of the garage, along with the freezer.

We pulled about a 10 gallon bucket full of weeds.

Hung some unused trellis up on existing trellis.

Fixed both of The Collectives bikes. Cross fingers!!

Put PN's playhouse together, and moved it to an agreeable position in the back yard.

Went to the store, got groceries, and some more baskets for PN's pigsty.

Got woodglue, and vice thingy's to fix the leg on PN's dresser.

Cleaned PN's room.....

Everything we had on the list, well it is complete.

I also managed to buy a gray pencil skirt, and a light short sleeve cardigan (on clearance, a pretty purple color, while at Target) for my job interview tomorrow.

I have a job last job interview was like 9-10 years ago...

holy moses.

I am trying to give myself a pep talk tonight, and think about how I DO HAVE VIABLE skills...

wish me luck....(and a good hair day would be good too.)

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Amy said...

Hope the job interview went well today.