Monday, September 22, 2008

Blister in the sun

*written last evening

Leaving Las Vegas

I am sitting at The Las Vegas Airport, and recall how much I used to like Las Vegas.

I used to like Las Vegas more, but now it just makes me feel aged.

Did I have a great time? Heck Yeah. Was the MilBlogging Conference fantastic, Was the Party at the Penthouse Club the stuff legends are made of? Indeed. Do I regret going? No. When in Rome, and all of that.

I might recover next week or in October.

However, I will say Vegas burns fast.

I am a pacer by nature, I do not sit still for long, I have insomnia, (Which was not present this weekend, thank you Bombay Saphire) I watch people (which will tire you in Vegas. ), folks that normally only require 5 hours of sleep in suburbia, well they sleep less in Las Vegas. Maybe it is because I am 38? Maybe it is because I am a Mom, I am not sure when this happened. I overstimulate now , my filter is broken. And between the thumping music, the hoards of people, the constant boing sounds that jet out of the slots, lights that blink, mammoth pictures of Carrot Top, Barry Manilow plastered on the sides of buildings, the douchey Eurotrash, the douchey highlighted hair dudes, (there are a lot of douchey guys in Las Vegas...A LOT) hookers, inappropriately dressed females, too many fedoras on 23 year old guys who need to wash their hair, people flicking porn at me as I just try and walk by quickly. Andi actually calls Las Vegas "excessive", and that is probably the best word to describe it.

I went to Las Vegas this year, to see friends, meet new ones. DH was initially going to go. But has been VERY busy with his new assignment, and has not been able to spend a lot of extra time with The Collective, I have mentioned this before, but he is a workaholic, and "the new kid on the block". So he opted to stay at home and spend some good quality time with the kids. Vegas makes me miss NORMAL after the first 24 hours. I miss the three of them. This year has been a complicated one for us, there have been a lot of changes, a lot of them. The Mil-blogging conference was Dear Husbands treat for me, after the DITY PCS, etc. I needed some down time so I could play, and get refocused, we have a lot of projects in the works. Including AWTM heading back to the workforce.

And the excessive nature of Las Vegas (and my participation in such) made me LONG for my quiet normal, BORING existence.

I am ready.

Also, if someone set up little band aide booths all over in Vegas, you would make A LOT of cash...people would spend $20 in a pinch, because of poorly fitting shoes, and blisters.

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