Monday, September 01, 2008


LW, does an amazing job at reminding us what it means to be prepared for an emergency.

I grew up in a home where preparedness, was built in. Immigrant farmers on one side, and a Pastor/City Marshall/fix it guy on the other.

Nothing was ever thrown out. They were green before green was PC.

We always had plenty on hand in case of an emergency.

My dear Dad, still keeps an old ringer washer handy, because you NEVER know. No electricity, does not mean you have to run around smelling like an old sock.

So go over and take a gander at the list.

Also always remember you might need some items to barter, or trade with. Booze, tobacco and firearms....always good.

There are no promises.

Also, one of our favorite publications Backwoods Home

Also, they run a military SPECIAL!!!

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