Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I remember Halloween....


The wind will not stop blowing here, my river birch in the back are perpetually at an angle, and I am afraid it might be permanent.

Halloween is almost here, DH's favorite holiday. Probably my third. We cannot wait. The Collective however, do not enjoy the holiday. They loathe all of the spook stuff, even while shopping we have to avoid "the section".

PN is unsure who she wants to be this year, she has chosen "princesses and fairies" in the past. She likes trick or treating, because she would live with a sugar bag strapped to her neck like a feedbag if we would let her.

SR on the other hand, had to be told by the dentist 2 years in a row that "it was ok to consume candy once in a while." The Dentist told me, it was the first time he has ever had to do that.

I have been tossing costume ideas out for the entire family...

I think it would be hilarious if we went as ABBA, The Incredibles might work as well, Of course I always want to be Emma Peel, with DH as Steed, but that leaves me to dress up The Collective as random villians and then explaini who we are all night..."Huh, the Avengers?" "I do not get it?". We always think it would be funny to go as Beth and Dawg Chapman, bounty hunters, we just need big wigs, and over accesorize, a couple of balloons, and all is well.

However, I am sure the readers here at AWTM, are far more clever than I.


Marcus said...

I almost fell out of my chair laughing when you said Beth and Dog Chapman. That would be funny beyond belief.

loqi said...

Woah, awesome song. I love classic Misfits (hate that 90's crap w/out Danzig).

SR's unique perspective is always so cute.

I vote for going as the Incredibles!