Thursday, October 11, 2007

Plate tectonics, or gin and tonics?

OK, weeks worth of anticipation....gone.

I did cry the other day, when I heard the news. It was brief, but I did cry. I afforded myself the luxury of tears. If even for a second....There are wars going on, children starving, people who are very sick. I know I am blessed, but I took a brief amount of time, and just cried.

For the first time in years, it felt good to cry. I have always felt sort of guilty about crying. I come from a Mother, who rarely cried. Tears, were very self indulgent, and it just was not done. So I have always had this sort of guilt for crying. I guess it is gone. As I cried, and had no shame about it.

And after I was done, it was refocus time.

Time to unscroll plan B, as the new plan A.

Pink Ninja is begging to go to school. She is enjoying dance, and AWANA so much. She is a very social creature. She can read people well, at the age of 3. Which is a pretty darn good skill to have. Pre school, might not be a bad option for her.

So, if I can get the Arkansas State Board of Nursing Licensure to call me, and mail me my information in the next few short days, I can get organized. (Although I have been playing phone tag, with a young female with the name of Shauniqua for over a month) once again the cursed slow cursed state of Arkansas wants me to play the patience is a virtue game). I am ready to enter the work force again after a 5 year absence. There are continuing education credits to complete. I have been considering this for months now.

There are phone calls to make. I spoke with a woman a couple of weeks ago, and found out they need help. I found a possible place of employment, 8 hour shifts, and a brand new facility. (no 12 hour shifts!!)

I must call my real estate agent, and fill her in. We have a home to get ready to sell.

I am ready for the shift.....

We are hoping to be out of here by April.

You would think during a time of War, there would be open slots all over for my DH. Tis not the case AGR positions are hard to find!

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