Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It is a New Year here at Casa De Dust

I am finally free from the fog of illness, that has been perpetuating itself here at Casa De Dust. It had started with Dash, who had some sort of strange gastrointestinal bug for about 24 hours, then Pink Ninja, with influenza symptoms, Dear Husband with influenza symptoms, and finally me, with Dash's original gastrointestinal bug. The worst part of the gastrointestinal bug was "me" being so lethargic and in pain on Dash's 4th birthday. Poor little guy was so excited about turning 4, and I could not "go at it" like I do normally. I handed DH the reigns, and woke intermittently to watch gifts being opened, or have DH order pizza, only to crawl from bathtub to bed. I think I took 4 baths that day.

I spent yesterday running around the Casa de Dust with a can of lysol, washing bedding, and trying to regain what was lost in Mom territory in the 24 hours I was ill.

This morning I am feeling better, I have makeup on, washing a load of laundry, cooking up sausage, freanch toast and eggs, and listening to coughs and sneezes from the livingroom.

I have to return movies, and go to the Orthopedist about my "bum knee" this morning. I hope the Dr. is knowledgable, and takes my complaint seriously.

I also owe it to myself to make a few resoloutions this year. The first of which, will be "Health".

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