Sunday, January 29, 2006

Day at the Movies

I think Dear Husband felt as though he needed to return the favor after I tolerated the "Big Buck Classic" yesterday. I made it through the entire day with a smile.

Today I was rewarded with an afternoon away from Casa De Dust. Ahhhhhh......

I decided on the movies.

I chose The New World.

I had heard mixed reviews. Complaints, by some that the Director Malick seemed to have trouble making up his mind between a love story, an adventure movie, or a nature flick. The story of Smith and Pocahontas has been simplified over time. I found Malicks blend of the three satisfying, and beautiful. I also found it refreshing, that he did not turn it into one, or the other. Life just isn't that simple. The portrayal of Jamestown, a precise one and an entire movie on its own.

I also found that the narrative of the story led by the separate characters, and what they were thinking, and not by dialogue to be a wonderful choice. The writing was beautiful.

The movie, was beautiful, romantic, and epic, and only my own stubborn nature kept me from needing a tissue.....

I wanted the story to continue......

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