Friday, June 24, 2005

Every bathroom should have one

My favorite magazine is Backwoods Home.
It is my regular nightly bathtime reading.


Recipes, the recipes are fantastic.

My favorite writer for the magazine is Mrs. Jacquie Clay. A SKILLED woman, you would not believe all of the skills this woman has. She has a great AMERICAN and pioneering spirit, and is seriously "who I want to be when I grow up".

Here is a peice on the staff of the through it, and take your time. This is a very experienced staff, with varied backgrounds.

How to's, on everything from dressing game, making your own food dehydrator, canning food, building your own home, and providing yourself with energy.

They also give our military men and women, who are activated a great break on the subscription.

Go pick one up at your local bookstore, I think you will LOVE this magazine.


vw bug said...

It's sad when the only time you get to read is in the bathroom. GRIN. Nice choice of magazines. I like Recipes as well.

prairie biker said...

So if you're blogging from the tub, does that mean you're blogging nekkid with us today???

Anonymous said...

Reading in the tub? How do you keep the magazine dry?

I mean, if *I* were a naked woman in a tub, my hands would NEVER get above the waterline :-)