Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Competition

So Boudicca and the rest of the ladies are having a friendly "competition". I did not join because, I cannot handle losing such a competition.

The trainers have altered my Yoga and Pilates classes for the summer. Damn. They have opted to combine the class and call it "Yo-lates". So, where I was working out 5 hours a week, it is down to 3. I love my Yoga, and was disappointed tonight, when I noted the class was 75% pilates, 10% stretching and cool down, and 15% yoga. So now I have to get my ass out and walk. I love walking, but I don't think I will make time for myself. There is sooo much around here that needs to be done. It won't kill me, although all of these hills round here might. These hills that I hate so much, are exactly what I need. They will burn me, like no instructor could. So I need to walk 4 miles 2-3 days a week. I also need to find time to do it ALONE. I need to remember that I am not just doing this for myself, I am doing it for the harmony of the home. If Mommas not happy, no one is happy.

The good news is, my obliques feel great, and I am waiting for the rest of the "business" to catch up. The bad news is, we have had the addition of 2 "sylphs" in class. They are home from college, and need something to do, so they are coming with their Moms, so they can work out with us "old ladies". The good news is, we "old ladies" are kicking their sylph asses. The bad news is, we "appear" to be in worse shape.

It would be very discouraging for me normally, however, I am gaining so much strength back. My yoga is back to where it was 20 months ago, when I stopped going. I am no longer using modifications in pilates. I am happy with my strength I have gained. My clothes are not fitting differently, and I do not appear to have lost weight. We will try the walking, and see what that brings.


Anonymous said...

"The bad news is, we "appear" to be in worse shape"

If by "worse shape" you mean having a figure like an actual woman instead of an underfed boy, then you're probably right :-)

Anonymous said...

You have young children. It is hard to carve out time for you when there are such needy people around. You're tired, probably not eating right, you're in sensory overload... cut yourself some slack.

Yes, walking will do it. Do you have a bike? If you can throw that in for variety, that will work too.

You will notice a change, but most of it is dietary and sleep deprivation... AND water intake.

I noticed a plethora of sylph college girls in the gym lately. I take pride in feeling certain that my age, wisdom and experience enables me to blow a man's mind further and quicker than theirs. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think Bou said it best! As for me - even if I could go back and have that kind of body... I would NEVER in a million years want to repeat the age! I'm really really happy with where I am... I never quite understand people who want to "go back" to being in their late teens and early 20's... then again I've always been a bit different *grin*