Thursday, June 29, 2006

Who do you look like?

This should be fun for a Friday post, tomorrow is Friday isn't it?

Well I really want to know who you look like. A celebrity? Your Aunt Ginnie, or Uncle Charlie? I want to hear the story.

So I wanna know who you look like, and OHHHH...even the people that VISIT DAILY and never leave a comment. Yeah, de-lurk for the day. That means you!!

Example: I was once told by "elderly mall walkers", that I looked like "one of the girls from Petticoat Junction". I do not think I look like any of the Petticoat Junction girls, but hey, they both had on glasses, and probably had cateracts.


Anonymous said...

The middle one, you look like the middle one!!!

I have never been told I look like a movie / tv actor. I have been mistaken for another person or two... but never anyone famous.

Suzi said...

My grama said I looked like Candace Bergen. (I wish.)

Really I look a lot like my mom. Except that I have my dad's blue eyes and silver hair instead of mom's hazel eyes with brown and white hair.