Saturday, June 24, 2006

I see dead people

The very straight white Eric's post about his Father's hobby, and the remanents of the hobby reminded me...

I have yet to post about my Grandmothers quilt top I collected on my journey to the Great Plains.

So upon my arrival to my Father's home, and my Father expressing his desire for certain "things" to be gone through. I made sure to tell him I wanted his parents daily dishes for Pink Ninja.

The daily dishes were Fire-King peach lustre or copper tint, I remain unsure. However upon removing them from the ceder chest. I handled each dish with great care. Remebering the store bought ice cream from the Jack and Jill Supermarket 30 minutes away from their home. I remember the rhubarb sauce my Grandmother made to top the ice cream. How it always tasted the same, and delicious. How my Grandmother could take the sourest "vegetable" on the planet and turn it into some sort of delicous treat to top off ice cream -is beyond me. My Grandfather was an unpaid pastor, town handyman, and City Marshall for his small town, my Grandmother a ohone operator for a bit. They lived frugally, and survived a depression. So upon inspecting the dishes. I noted.

2 dinner plates- very well worn

6 other dinner plates- like new

8 coffee mugs- all well used

8 saucers- mostly all well used, I can recall eating toast and pie from the saucers.

2 bowls- well used

6 bowls- like new

As I wrapped up these plates, I noted 2 very well worn and some of the peach luster gone from the center. I couldn't help but recalling the faces of my Grandpa and Grandma. I pointed out to my Sister who was sitting on the floor at my side.

"They only used 2 plates, and 2 bowls, they saved the other 6."

Oh, and the quilt? Well it was under the dishes, and I guess I will save that for another day.


Suzi said...

I think it is beautiful, and very much indicative of their era, that two of the plates are well worn and the others not. Nowadays we tend to wear all of our things evenly. Even to the point where I occasionally will switch dishes that aren't being used to the top of the pile.

But I appreciate the fact that the depression glass I collect is often barely used... Probably by folks just like your grandparents.

And I would be very interested in a rhubarb recipe that results in an acceptable ice cream topping.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely post, AWTM. And I agree with Suzi. :)