Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Schedule, Schmedule

Traveling to unfamiliar places when with a 2, and 4 year old, is just "rough". You see, I have Dash and Pink Ninja on a pretty tight schedule. Oh, and let me add here, this said schedule, is not so much for them, as it is for my DH and I.

Most of you have read that Dash is my early riser. He always has been, and it does not seem to matter what time he goes to bed. He gets up with the chickens. He is usually up by 6am. Pink Ninja, requires a bit more sleep, and is like me. She seems to like her sleep better than Dash. Let me also add here, neither children are nappers. Not even as babies. The word nap around here, ushers the same response as the word Democrat.

So over the last several years I and DH have created a schedule, that we like. WE have also noted, that if we get off of schedule, by the slightest, things just are harder for Ma and Pa. SO we LOVE the schedule. Dash, and Pink Ninja are normally in bed by 7:45pm, and sleep till sunrise.

Well, while traveling, ha. Yeah the schedule is no longer a schedule. Last night, was night #2 of fighting with them. Dash and Pink Ninja both crying hysterically. Cries of "I do not want to go to bed", and "I can't sleep", droning until about 9pm.

I might add here, that Mom and Dad have not seen each other for a couple of weeks. WE could use the free time. *cough*.

Dear Husband thinks we have 2 more nights of getting them back to normal, I contend that it will take a little longer.

The only "thing" saving them right now, is the fact that they are so cute and adorable.

Oh, and wish me luck getting my suitcase empty and out of my kitchen today. Yeah, I have a bit of laundry to do, you know how that goes. I also have several bags to unpack. I need to find my lotion, and hair dryer, my jewelry. There are tons of tales to tell, and pictures to download.

It was an adventure to be sure. Have I mentioned, I am just plain ole pooped out?

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