Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Part Cat

Photos of Pink Ninja at Uncle Ricos, Aunt Leggy, and Cousin Curl's house *proving to all of us once and for all she is a cat*

Today, we spent most of the morning running errands and playing. The children requested a visit to "the big park".

However, on the list of errands ran, a stop at Hallmark was in order. I am late with a few Birthday, anniversary, and Thank You notes. Plus there is the pending Fathers Day.

So I let Dash and Pink Ninja pick out cards.

Dash picked out a card, with a lot of thoughtful words, and not much in the way of graphics. Pink Ninja picked out a card, with a cat on the front. The card says "Happy Fathers Day, from the Cat."

Although the cat on the card is adorable, I just do not have it in me, to tell her, she is not a cat.

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