Friday, June 30, 2006

Cotton candy kisses and pepermint stick fingers....

You would think after 4 1/2 years into this "motherhood" deal, there would be no more suprises.

Yet daily, soemthing suprises me.

You see, Dash my 4 1/2 year old son is a tidy eater. Always has been really. You can "almost" never tell where the kid has been sitting at the table for a meal. He is neat, he does not like food on his fingers, or clothes. He also complains of the dirty hands after a meal, and will now rush to the bathroom to wash.

Pink Ninja on the other hand, is a mess. Really. WE can always tell which seat is hers. There is a four foot area beneath her that showcases her dining experiance. You can tell what she likes and what she does not by her "area". She also becomes almost violent at the sight of a washcloth headed for her face, or fingers. She would rather run for hours than to be relieved of this stickiness. I will also add here, she almost always one of the three, food in hair, food on clothes, food on face. (Today it was paint in her hair, no food)

She is also, part candy, I am convinced. I am having a difficult time recalling a time where I have touched her hand where it was not sticky. Like her dermis excretes syrup of some sort. Her hands feel like she has been waiting tables at an IHOP for an 8 hour shift.

This leads me, AWTM to be on some sort of tear for about 3 hours out of the day wiping, spraying, wiping, spraying.....doorknobs, mirrors, truwk windows, anything she touches.

Dash came out of his room the other day with 3 mega blocks, 2, 6 inch sets of wooden Thomas track, and a potato head. ALL were sticky, icky gross, we had to take all items to the bathroom and wash them. Dash was beside himself.

Since Pink Ninja does not want me or her Father to wipe her down, we encourage her to wash herself as often as possible.

So, the other morning after breakfast, I send both children to the bathroom. I proceed with washing dishes and cleaning PinkNinjas four foot section of crap. I hear Dash playing in his room quietly and think nothing of it.

I then note running water. So I enter the bathroom to find PinkNinja standing on the stool in front of the sink. She had been washing her hands for at least 5 minutes. At least.

5 minutes
1/2 bottle dial liquid soap

You will never guess. Yep she was sticky, however this time it was sticky with soap. Yeah the item I depend on to make my daughter clean, the one thing in the house to battle sticky fingers. Soap.

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