Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Position of The Week #21

Corpse pose

This pose is typically used for meditation.

I went to yoga yesterday at 8am. Crawling slowly out of my "red tent". I got to class.

Upon walking in, I note the class is FULL. This is unusual. I note 4 of the regulars, in the back, and we are looking at each other. They are looking at me to watch my reaction, and I am looking at them with my "WTF?" face.

It seems as though, no one in my little suburb likes yoga, they all hate it. So "the forces at the gym" have combined the last 2 straight yoga classes with pilates. To make the new schedule all yolattes.

OK, OK I can stand it, the pilates are sculpting me a waist, and my tummy, although it remains a bit pouchy after housing Pink and Dash for 9 months.

SO I decide I can make it through this.

You see the yoga is private, it is a private journey. Even if done in public. The journey is a private one. It is head time, it is quiet time. The yoga forces me to concentrate on my body and my breathing rather than all of the noise in my day. It forces me to look inside my head, and push all of the intrusions out so I can make my body work.

However with this new LARGER yolattes group...ughh it is a challenge. They do not get it. Everytime the instructer proposed a balance pose, or any other "yoga pose", there was a collective sigh, and a "yeah right" kind of attitude. It wasn't happy or good.

I wanted to tell them all to shut the fuck up, (yeah, not very yoga like at all) that balance is possible if they quiet themselves, if they believe they can do it. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

Well I made it through class. I transitioned between tree, to leg lift, king dancer, quad stretch, to T-pose. All without stumbling. It can be done.

So, now, more than ever I am having to learn to quiet my practice. Shhh my brain, because oh, this is gonna be hard.

Just when I think my chi is right, and I am zen master.

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