Friday, June 09, 2006

Traveling (Wo)Man

Hello, Houshold6 from Patiently Waiting… here as another helper while ArmyWife travels with the family. My topic was open ended and I’ve thought a while about what I wanted to say. Should it be about politics, military life, the news or just something random?

While sitting on the floor of the upstairs bathroom last night, cleaning out what we can’t take with us back to the US it hit me – that although I am grumbling over all the things we have to do to move to a new duty station I have been given the opportunity to see the world.

Some where in the past I remember military recruitment ads that spoke about seeing the world and well they weren’t kidding. Military life can be frustrating if not infuriating at times, but there are trade offs if you are willing to take advantage of them.

When we prepared to move to Germany six years ago in May, we were scared. What if we couldn’t learn the language? What if we get a bad landlord? What if we hate it there and can’t fly home until three years later? What if I am stuck on post the whole time and lose my mind with boredom? There were so many ‘What if’ questions plaguing us but still we dove right in.

I’ve seen Morocco, Tanzania, Ireland, London, Madrid, Portugal, Gran Canaria – the list goes on. I won’t bore you with all the places that I have been, but I can show you pictures if you like. Honestly, I never thought that a quiet, introverted girl like me would have ever been halfway around the world.

So as I continue to sneeze from the dust I’m blowing off my 110 curling iron & hot rollers set and the frustrations of clearing our new car have reached a boiling point – I remember that it could always be worse. Besides, being nomadic means you never carry large amounts of junk as every few years you sift through your possessions and remove what you don’t really need, use or even knew you had anymore.

Hey, I was looking for that! So that’s where it’s been this whole time….

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