Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day and Chemotherapy

Thoughts of Greg and Sheryl have been weighing heavy on my heart. So I went over to Sheryls blog, hoping to hear some good news, and I read this.

"Greg is in Hattiesburg right now. He had his last doctor's appointment with his surgeon, which was supposed to release him to come home and start chemotherapy. When he was in the hospital, an Army warrant officer came and told us that he would be released on medical leave as soon as the doctor released him to come home and that all we needed to do was get Tricare to agree for him to be transferred to a doctor at home for treatment.

We did all the paperwork this officer told us to do. We contacted Tricare and worked with the surgeon and his primary care physician in Hattiesburg to do the necessary paperwork for a referral to an oncologist here at home. We researched Tricare approved doctors close to our home and found one that was still openly taking patients and did the paperwork to have all his records transferred to that doctor. Greg is coming home today and we had plans to see the new oncologist in the next two weeks and start chemotherapy as soon as possible."

So Greg has started his chemo, chemo for colon cancer.

Oh and the fight, is not just somple, there is the paperwork, tri-care, and insurance issues. So if any of you know, anything, or anyone that can help this couple, please contact THEM ASAP.

Cancer is hard enough, without the added pressure of feeling lost in a massive shuffle of paperwork, and fighting for every benifit you get.

A Prayer would be a nice added bonus as well.

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