Monday, June 12, 2006

Just Like Heaven....

I normally do not equate home, with "luxury".

However, after being away for over 2 weeks, ahhhhhhh..... Upon my return, I was sent for a steaming hot bath. The bath improved after Dear Husband (who, had even grew more handsome after 2 1/2 weeks) brought me a large glass of wine. Ahhhhh, my bath tub is magical. No, it is not a garden tub, there are no jets, it is not even oversized. However it was heavenly to lie back, on the familiar white porcelain, and look at my fading pedicure. My hands recalling, the exact direction to turn the hot and cold water knobs, so the perfect water temperature can be delivered. Heaven I tell you.

The sound of Dear Husband bathing "the collective" right next door in bathroom #2, reminding me I am home.

I woke this morning, in my bed, my chocolate duvet and cream sheets pulled under my chin, the scent of DH's morning shower lingering in the air.

Just like heaven..........

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