Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who Wants To be a millionaire?

Marry the guy who thought of this...

"The Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha Nebraska.
What's large enough to seat 750 guests for dinner while 1,200 other guests are playing golf, bowling, testing their skills on video games or driving a car on an Indy-style race track? It's The Amazing Pizza Machine, in Omaha, Nebraska.
The Amazing Pizza Machine is unlike any other indoor family entertainment complex in the region. In terms of sheer size at 65,000 square feet, there is nothing comparable between Minneapolis and Denver. The array of games, rides and attractions, all under one roof, are unparalleled in the region.
When the doors open to the public they will find 120 video games of every skill level. Rides and attractions will include glow-in-the-dark golf to bowling, bumper cars, racecars, and the Wild Ride, a wild spinning ride, all located in one climate-controlled complex. If you spent just five minutes playing every game and attraction, and riding the rides, it would take you 12 hours.
Add to the fun a buffet filled with more than 100 dishes made fresh and on site daily and four themed dining rooms to dine in. The Amazing Pizza Machine is owned by 6 4 Fun, LLC, a Nebraska company committed to creating a fun, family-friendly
entertainment venue."

I have been lucky enough to have never been to a Chuck E Cheese, and promised myself I would try and keep the kids out of one for as long as possible.

However, when back in Nebraska, a girlfriend of mine suggested we take our collected 5 children out for Pizza. Holy Crap, the place was Ginormous, Ginormous.

Actual bowling alleys inside, and rides, big rides.

The amazing thing was being around sooo many of my peer group. Listening to the conversations between parents and children.

"Cody, do you want pepperoni pizza, hamburger pizza, taco pizza, chicken Cajun pizza, chicken spinach pizza, cheeseburger pizza, jalapeno pizza? Ok Cody do you want spaghetti noodles, spiral noodles, macaroni noodles? Ok, Cody do you want red sauce with meat, vegetable sauce, or Alfredo sauce?" "Cody, do you want pickles, carrots, salad?" "Cody, do you want milk, or a pop, or an icy, or a juice?" Meanwhile Cody doesn't want to eat, he is watching kids being tossed around on some ride that you would see at a Carnival midway, Cody is trying to figure out if his parents will let him bowl, or play air hockey, the day glow space age place beckoning little Cody like some sort of well,kid heaven.

I hear the conversation over and over and over again between parents and offspring. 2 choices are enough for a 3-7 year old. Overstimulation, is not a joke.

This conversation is taking place in a buffet line filled with hundreds of screaming parents and children, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, music blaring, bigger than life cartoons displayed on 40 foot walls. 30 birthday parties taking place, all while a big stuffed red dog walks around scaring children 2 and under.

The good news is, the choices are endless at The Amazing Pizza Machine, the bad news is the place is full of indulged children, and over indulgent parents. The kids behaved as I would have expected, the parents surprised me.

The other good news, the kids have NOT requested to go back, I think the place scared them to death.

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