Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flowers on the Wall

To all that played along yesterday, and dropped in for Birthday well wishes. I do thank you. I really do, it made the day brighter I assure you.

I took the day off. I didn't make a bed, heck I didn't even make my cake. I seriously too the day off. I got The Collective dressed, threw on a face, and left.

It was a cool day. probably the first July 13th it was in the 70's that I can recall. However, the rain put a damper on things. The movie plan was a wash. Surfs Up, and Shrek 3 both no longer in town, and we have already seen Ratatouille. So no movies for us. Darn.

I went to the bank, needed to go to pick up vacuum bags from the folks at the Kirby shop. Ha, that is how exciting I am folks!

We then went to Barnes and Noble and I bought myself, Gates of Fire. On recommendation from Sarah of Trying to Grok. I felt guilty about buying myself a book, particularly after trying to get this garage sale together, and getting irritated by the sheer amount of books here. I am managing to rid myself of all soft covers, except for my dogeared copies of Catcher in the Rye, and Nine Stories both by JD Salinger. I am even purging myself of my mohawk days Sex Pistols written anthology. I am also ridding myself of my hardcovers, that I do not see myself rereading. Including my Chanel biography, and my Andy Warhol diaries. I have moved books enough in my day, and am not a fan. I will be keeping most antique books, and those in good bindings that I read regularly.

Anyway, I bought a book. Which really felt like a ridiculous move after sorting books all week.

We then went for lunch, and I got that blu cheese burger, and fries. The three of us shared, so we could indulge in a sundae afterword. PN ordered a chocolate sundae, with chocolate syrup, and peanuts, so rich after a small taste I thought I felt my eyebrows grow.

We then came home.

I went to the front porch and found GORGEOUS flowers!! I am sure the neighbors thought someone died. DH got me a lovely bouquet, about 2 feet tall, just stuffed. There were also lillies from friends! A big box from Aunt Leggy, and my Brother, including a magazine subscription to Paula Deans magazine, a book, and even gifts for The Collective. Thank You all. My Father sent a check, with a note that said "do something crazy, hire a stripper!" HA! My Sissy sent a gift card. And there were cards. One from my MIL that had a 3 page handwritten note included.....which sentiments made me tear up.

We played for a while, and then I drug The Collective out for Indian food. I even ordered a beer, which I drank a quarter of. The Collective only fond of the rice Pallou, and Naan, and desert rice. The snubbed the saag paneer, and jafarzi. Darn was delicious. They were antsy, so it was not relaxing.

So that is the birthday roundup!! Thank you sooo much again.

It is very nice to be remembered on a special day, especially when all of those you love are far away.

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