Friday, July 27, 2007

Now here is what I am gonna need for you to do!

Saturday, is my Blog Mommas Birthday.

And I was trying to come up with some sort of blogabration to have.

It did not take me long to decide that since Tammi adopted a soldier from Soldier's Angels this week, and put a call out to us to do the same .....well.

My DH frequetly speaks of how IMPORTANT mail is to soldiers. He really thinks it can be a defining moment in a day. When one gets mail HOORAY, and when there is mail call, and your name is not called. Well, the day is the same as the day before. DH promises me mail can be a deal breaker. I will also admit here, I was not great at writing letters his last deployment. With the advent of e-mail, and 2 tiny ones, I just thought e-mail was certainly the most effective way to communicate. I regret that now.

Since Tammi signed up the other day, I am aware of 4 others that have decided they can make the time to contribute.

SO as a military spouse, and friend, I am going to ask from the depths of my heart for you to follow Tammi's lead, and adopt yourself a soldier.

If and when you do so, notify her in her comments HERE!

I think she will be thrilled, if we can get some of these BRAVE men and WOMEN some regular and uplifting mail.

I know there are plenty to go around. WE do owe it to those that do our fighting to thank them in a meaningful way.

If you do not have time for a letter a week, and a care package a month (which frankly is THE EASIEST PART of the war effort), writing a check might be something you can do!


To adopt a soldier you must commit to sending a card or letter a week and AT LEAST 1 or 2 care packages a month. This is important to help bring home a healthy hero.

Care packages do not have to be expensive and you can either put together your own, or we have also put together some in our store at cost for you to send, or to use as an example. Duration of the adoption is usually anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the branch, etc.

AND FOLKS be CREATIVE, with these care packages if you can, and if you cannot, recent magazines, M&M's, OREOS, WIPES, CARDS for SOLDIERS to send home are always welcome!! Chirstmas is right around the corner folks. Let them know you are thinking of them!

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