Saturday, July 07, 2007

More good days than bad...

It seems as of late, I have fewer sour adventures.

Ahhhh, I am enjoying 3 and 5.

Last Sunday I picked up The Collective from childrens worship, only to be stopped by the teacher. So I froze, and looked at her ready to accept what she had to say, and I was already to cancel the days plans as consequence. And then I heard the magical words....

"The kids were so great today, they each got an award for being the best behaved children in Sunday School."

After DH picked me off of the floor, we continued to have an excellent day.

And this week, even with DH back at Fort Benning, I was prepared to deal with some very angry behavior from them.

No such luck.

Maybe it is a fluke, or perhaps, they are done watching me referee all day long.

We have had a fantastic week.

We have went fishing 4 times. No luck with fish, but for about 20 minutes they seem to enjoy it. I have taken to leaving the fishing equipment in the back of the truck. You never know.

We went to the Commissary, same thing, wonderful. Sir Rowlands only request was cereal with no prizes or advertising on it. Pink Ninja of course wanted yogo rolls, because she saw them advertised on television.

The change in behavior, well it feels like it has happened over night.

I was able to take Sir Rowland to the firewrks for the first time ever. He has never enjoyed the spray of sparks, and noise. He thought it was a silly way to celebrate. But this year, he stuck his head out of the side of the truck, and oooooing and awwwing, with the rest of them.

Pink Ninja is keeping busy on her trike, riding barefooted, and picking me whatever resembles a bouqet from the yard, she has been helping me pull weeds.

Sir Rowland helping plan menus, and assisting with cooking.

They are awake at the usual 6:00am reguardless of what time they are put to bed, so i have been making sure they are in bed by 8pm. Which gives me time to do dishes, laundry and clean up around the house. When they wake, they usually grab a piece of fruit and watch cartoons, and I am allowed to sleep for 30-45 minutes longer. No fighting, no wrestling.

Amazing to me.

To the Moms that have told me, "it gets esier, it is different, but it is easier"....I gotcha now. It is different, we are still busy. But I no longer have to fret about going places, wondering who is going to tire, or cry, or meltdown. We are having fun...

The 3 of us. Sir Rowland is opening the truck for his sister and saying, "after you, ladies first"...

I told my DH the other night, "this is going to sound bad, but I am REALLY enjoying them, I mean I know that sounds bad. I have always enjoyed them, but now we are havng fun".

DH understood, and told me, I did not need to explain myself.

Finally. And I promise they are being rewarded with hugs, and love, and lots of Mom time.

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