Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hell has no fury like a mound of fire ants

I had a relaxing morning planned


I made it through yoga.

We made it through the library.

We even made it fishing.

The fire ants had other plans.

I guess we were thought of as invaders.

A couple of screams, and I KNEW.

2 screaming children.

Numerous red medium sized ants, who decided to take it upon themselves to bite MY CHILDREN.

So, between the screams, I removed shoes, socks, and killed those suckers with my bare hands.

I have various bites on my hands.

Pink Ninja, 3 bites that are visible.

Sir Rowland, got the worst of it, I am afraid. Too many bites to count.

So after the battle ended, I drove immediately to the pharmacy drive thru pleading my case, and begging for chewable Benedryl, and cream.

They honored my request.

Damned ants.


Anonymous said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! I totally sympathize because I once stepped in a bed of fire ants while wearing sandals. Not an experience I'd wish on anyone, especially a little kid. :(

Linda said...

Can I just say I HATE the south for that reason alone? I love much about Georgia, but those danged fire ants....

Anonymous said...

I hate ants. hate them. I sat in a bed when i was a kid. I'm sure you can imagine the pain. I hope all is better.

Alex Parker said...

We hate fire ants too! So we started a blog about them...check it out: http://blog.thefirerant.com.