Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I was liking you too

I took The Collective to the park this morning, when it was only 90 degrees. They had fun, there were lots of people in and out. Lots of Grammies at the park, with grand kids. It was exciting to be the "young Mom". This does not happen much here in Arkansas, in fact, I have been mistaken for a Grandparent on 2 occassions. Another post entirely.

So one of the Grammies and I struck up a conversation, after Pink Ninja initiated a chat about Eagles having pointing beaks, and sharp talons. When I asked her what animals eagles preyed on, she answered Antelopes. I explained to her that they would have to be baby antelopes. The other Grammy, mentioned she had antelopes in her back yard, to which I replied I assumed she wasn't from around here.

She was from New Mexico, and on summer break, here awaiting the arrival of another grandbaby. We had a lovely conversation, about New Mexico. Oh how I love New Mexico, the chilles, the food, the scenery. Anyway, so we start chatting about New Mexico. I find out she is a teacher, her DH a judge. And we are having the LOVLIEST of conversations UNTIL....

DA DA DUM.....

She asks what I do, and what my DH does.

And after I tell her, she then goes on this big "Democrat rant"....

Phrases like "current administration is acting illegally". "we need to get out of Iraq", and she went on and on and on. She is a German teacher and informs me that on her travels to Germany, she hears a lot of complaints about America.

I tried to explain to her that Iraq is a small piece in the Global terrorism puzzle, I tried to explain economic terrorism, and the principles of insurgancy, global economics. I tried to talk to her about Pakistan, The Horn of Africa, the fact that Eritrea is currently arming folks in Somolia. Oh and lets not forget Indonesia, Thailand....and on and on..

And after seeing her face unchanged.

I took The Collective for a walk.

That is a pretty typical conversation, here in a yellow dog Democrat state.

I believe in open dialogue too, just not today...

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