Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My Sissy needs to learn to Simma. Especially down here in the "Mid South", where things are done on a different time continuum.

It took me about 4-5 years to get used to "The Arkansas way of Life". 4-5 years of waiting hell. Because being from Nebraska, well you do not have to WAIT like you do here. I am really unsure how to explain it.

My Mothers Grandparents were immigrants from Germany, and were farm folk. I grew up in a rural area. Which I feel requires some sort of explanation. The last time I visited my home town, it was amazing what I got done in an hour. First off, my engagement ring had a prong loose. So I walked into the jeweler at 3:15pm, after a 5 minute drive. I walked in, I was recognized, and they apologized because it would take 30 minutes to get to. HA. I then went to a High School Friends meat locker, and bought about 200$ of meat for 70$, all unfrozen Angus beef, all cut in front of my face, and home made sausages. It took 5 minutes. I then went to the grocery store, picked up groceries, they were carried to my car, I then went to the jewelry store to pick up my ring. They had fixed it in 20 minutes, and charged me NOTHING. I seriously can run errands in minutes back home. I mean several errands. It is insane to me, after being absent from that town for 18 years. I need to add here, that the town is about 29,000.

My Sissy about freaked today because it took 4 hours for a tire rotation, and oil change. I mean she came unhinged. She wanted me to bull-dog them. Can I tell you, there is not much point in bull-dogging down here.

I recalled my Mother visiting me for the last time. She was sick at the time. And I asked if she wanted to run to the bank with me. My Mother went NUTS, after waiting 20 minutes in line at the bank.....She refused to run any more errands after that. I mean it drove her bat-shit crazy.

My Sissy was wild today, sooo wild, I heard her tell 4 people over the phone how long it took. I mean she was seriously amazed.

I really don't let it bother me any longer. If I did, hell I would be in an insane asylum. I have learned to pack stuff for the kids, and carry a book with me at most times.

There is a lot of waiting down here. A lot.


Linda said...

As Bugs Bunny said: Ah...da Sout! It took me some getting used to as well. I came from the northeast - lived in small cities. But everything was rush, rush, rush. And even though we were in ATLANTA, a BIG city, it was still slow as molasses in January. But I got used to it. And sometimes, the faster pace gets to me.

Jerry in Texas said...

I feel like my hometown is in the South. They are soooo slow. But not friendly either.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That is too funny for words. That would just drive me crazy! I walk in anywhere in this city to do anything and I'm in, conduct business & out the door in 5 min.

Time is money here and we mean to do business with it. Makes me think twice about moving to the Virginia/DC area in a few years.