Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Sissy arrived last night, 45 minutes later than expected. Which seems to happen a lot when and if you ever fly from Memphis to Little Rock. The pleasure of living in a non hub, when every flight that arrives is an air bus.

The Collective had a great time riding the escalator, and watching other planes come and go.

Not much to do in way of entertainment at the Little Rock Airport.

I was a little freaked out by a Mom and her 2 sons girlfriends. They had all of these welcome home signs. I immediately presumed that these boys were returning soldiers,so I asked the Mom. She said "Oh no, they are brothers. They have been in Michigan for a WEEK, seeing the older Brother. The Girlfriends are just excited they are home." Then when the plane landed, these "girls" busted through the sign that says "no people past this point", and they ran and jumped these 2 dorks. It was infuriating to me. TSA did nothing. I figure if they cannot stop 2 20 year old girls, the chances of them stopping a terrorist are slim. I am also guessing that it upset because, I just watched a returning soldier just get off the plane, and meet his young wife, and a baby (who he had yet to meet). And they stood patiently.

Anyway Sissy's flight was late, and in typical Little Rock fashion it took longer to get the luggage than it did to fly here.

Today, I have a ton of shit to do. Frankly I feel like hoping in the car, and driving until the ruckus leaves my head, but hell that may never happen and I might end up in California. So I need to stay here and deal with "all things garage sale".

I need to note here, the general haggling that takes place at a garage sale is irritating to me. It really is. So maybe I should fill my flask. I also am sure to be irritated by the folks that show up at 6:00am and knock on the door. Folks I promise there are no treasures at this thing, no Picasso's hidden under poster prints from college. It is all stuff I want to get rid of, and the price is marked. If I want to give any of it away, which has been how I have managed for the last 5 or so years, I will donate it, or give it to neighbors. Garage Sale people can be a strange lot, how do I prepare for them?

I also need to run to the bank and get change.

Sir Rowland needs to finish his lemonade and cookie stand sign. Sissy should help with that.

I have a closet after closet to go through. We have more winter coats than anyone should. That is what happens when you are from Nebraska. You stockpile cold weather gear.

I also have some clothes to go through. I have a chocolate colored mini skirt, that is hanging in my closet. It has not been worn in a WHILE....

A mini skirt, a very mini skirt. What in the hell am I doing with a short skirt?

A military formal, that is gorgeous, but a maternity gown, black silk shatung. NEVER WORN, tags still on. First of all I do not think I could squeeze my fat ass into a size 5 maternity gown. What is a size 5 maternity gown? I must have bought it my first pregnancy. I did, as a attar of fact.

There is also DH's juicer....that has to go.

A TV set, a small one.

The Fire Engine toddler bed

2 highchairs.

A Train table is going to be a long day isn't it?

The Collective are glad Auntie is here....

and frankly so am I.

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Anonymous said...

Think Orange juice and champagne... mimosa! It has orange juice in it... must be a morning drink. ;-)