Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Prettier than most woman folk...

Seems as though my Blog Grampy Harvey, has been busy picking on that priss John Edwards.

* Silk was invented to allow women to feel as soft and smooth as John Edwards.

* John Edwards has never understood what that stupid zipper on the front of his pants is for.

* WARNING: To avoid being attacked by John Edwards, do not wear Tag Body Spray.

* The holy grail of botany is to develop a rose whose petals have the dewy softness of John Edwards.

And there is more at IMAO

John Edwards really is, like the Breck Girl redoux. I bet Al gore hates the little SOB, for using all of that electricity, blow drying his hair. Ooooops I almost forgot, Al Gore uses all of that electricity inventing the internet, and drying his extra large towels.

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