Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Monday when we returned home, we went to the park, Tuesday we worked out of doors, and I took the kids out for a walk after dinner time. Today when I returned I was missing the sunshine, the temps were not bad, but with a 45 mph wind, and no sun...well I decided it would be a good day to catch up wit my indoor work.

The Collective, have been helping so much, that it really takes a load off. Simple things, like making beds, taking out garbage, and replacing garbage bags...well it seems simple, but when done for you, it makes the day marvelous. I must write them each a thank you this week, to encourage both of them.

DH work hours continue to be anything but predictable. And now with the springing ahead, he looses all track of time, and heads home an hour later than he should. We are all off schedule, because the sun is out, when it should not be.

I am currently making a big salad for dinner, and we will have left over corned beef toasted on rolls. I have laundry going, as well as a dishwasher that needs to be unloaded, and I would love to mop my kitchen/dining room.

In fun family news, DH's cousin, (with whom he stayed while he was here prior to me selling the house) is preparing for her wedding this summer.

Interesting, indeed as we will be staying at The Arrow Hotel...

The Historic Arrow Hotel was built on 1928 by a group of private citizens to service the needs of the railroad. It replaced the old Commercial Hotel, and was the first three-story building in Broken Bow. The street-level consisted of the lobby, restaurant, beauty salon, barbershop, ladies dress shop and a ballroom. The second and third floors held fifty-two sleeping rooms with public baths at the end of the halls.

I am also trying to figure out where to take The Collective this summer.

I think we need to have dinner on a train!


Guard Wife said...

Come see me! Or, maybe we can meet somewhere cool in the middle!

Richmond said...

Sounds great! My girls loved their train trip last summer!

Anonymous said...

I love eating and trains. A dinner train sounds just dandy to me. Pop C