Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have not

watched The Daily Show for a long time, but I did last night...

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Cliff said...

Hi from the farm:
I couldn't make the deal play from Jon's show. Having said that there's not much he could say I would believe.
I'm glad to hear they were able to help you over at the Collision Center. Dan has an incredible amount of contacts in your town. If it has to do with any kind of property...he has a connection to someone who can fix it.
He said he had a nice visit with you and that you seemed nice. We knew that.

vet66 said...

Talk about cheapening the office of POTUS now he is in the business of warranties.

"Barry, this is "schmoe" from Who Cares, Arkansas, Go razorbacks, sorry about that, I need an oil change and the tires rotated...."

That will happen, you bet!