Saturday, March 21, 2009

chaos seems to reign....

holy cow...

It seems as though all of my friends have had the crappiest of weeks.

One friend is currently in ICU with her son, awaiting a recovery from very serious surgery.

One friend has lost the dream of yet another baby.

One friend is losing a Grandparent.

Another friend is under tremendous work pressure....

I am not sure where I am headed with this.

Last night at 12:30am, I was headed to bead, and I heard cries from PN room, I sent DH to check on her. I was called to the room immediately to find puke on her bed, PN in tears, crying, and miserable.

She vomited straight until 2:30am.....and then was up every 45 minutes until 7:00am, vomiting, gagging, dry heaving, complaining of stomach pain, and thirst. After every drink of water, out it came. More crying.

She is currently on the couch, pale, exhausted, with a bucket, a box of tissues, and a warm, moist pack on her tummy.

What kept me going through, was the thought of all my dear friends...dealing with far worse situations, and real crises.

This is not chaos, this is the teeniest of bumps....


Anonymous said...

That is some chaos. Yikes. We had that puker bug three times. I managed to escape it and then got pounded by the flu, which I have not had since I was 16. That just means I'll have to wait another 29 to be that sick again!!

Hope it gets better. Spring is here in date, but weather will catch up eventually!

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief! Hope everybody is better now!