Sunday, March 15, 2009


This morning was my first day singing with choir in front of the congregation, I think second service went better.

This song was my favorite.

We are currently getting whipped by my 7 year old in guitar hero this morning, although I am not doing bad with kinks songs.

We are off to run about, my Sissy leaves this afternoon.

Tomorrow is Monday already.

We have found excellent BBQ finally!


Marc Miyake said...

Ah, finally time to show your stuff! Will you be singing every week?

What Kinks songs were you playing? What songs does SR do? PN? DH? Just wondering if your kids are schooled on the, uh, 'classics'.

"Found excellent BBQ"? Do you mean a good restaurant?

Linda said...

pretty song!

There is no such thing as good BBQ here in Columbia, SC...much to my dismay and disappointment.

Richmond said...

I love Guitar Hero - my kids were *shocked* that I knew "Shout at the Devil" tho... Heh. The 80's live on...