Thursday, March 26, 2009

Am I the only one?

I spent most of the day scouring things...AGAIN.

Bleached, lysoling, laundry, etc...

and at some point today I thought it may be easier to just pack up and leave the house, to get out from under the foot of whatever virus this is. My hands are raw.

DH and I have yet to be touched seriously with it...

SR spent the day with a case of the lower part of this jazz.

I had to think to myself, that there is no possible way I could be the only person to have ever thought that it may just be easier to leave the germs behind.

It is Spring, and I would like to be planning my garden, and spring cleaning, etc....I am tired of scrubbing toilets, buckets, doorknobs, and washing bedding, and toothbrushes...

Last night at 8:30pm I looked into the mirror and frightened myself. I told DH that 10 years ago, 8:00ish was early int he day, and I would have looked great. Those days are over. I tried to perk myself up, with a apricot facial scrub, and a refresher of my hair color. Sadly it did little. amazing what a few years can do. My Father laughed when I relayed the message to him today, and let me know, the mirror becomes less forgiving with time, but in good news he could give a shit.

This has to be the last of illness for while right?

In other news, despite the fact that I am not hungry, or feel like cooking, I feel obligated to cook for my children who look thinner than normal.

I am making turkey filets on the grill, mashed potatoes, and asparagus, in hopes they consume some of it...

Project this week, correspondence, and Easter Clothing for the Collective. PN wants a lavender colored cotton dress. SR could care less as long as he is comfortable


Guard Wife said...

Nope. Not the only ones...I could certainly have packed up and left during the last deployment when faced with all the germs taking over our humble abode.

Thinking of you!

Peter said...

Fingers crossed for your handsome boy and beautiful daughter. Oh, and your sanity. Try to work in a nap for you every so often.