Sunday, July 27, 2008

like having my own piano bar, without the drinking.

I am in Omaha again. It has been fun, and relaxing. We managed to go to the zoo 2 more times. I took all 3 childen. FRankly the 3 children alone with one parent behave better than they do with all four. I know because we have done both. I seriously contend they behave better with less supervisors. Amazing. We have been taking our time because we are so close again. We spend 2 hours at one exhibit, and leave when we want.

One of the benifits of being here?

My SIL plays piano beautifully. A skill I do not have, and have always wished for. ( I will try and work on rectifying this matter in the future). This morning I am listening to her practice hymns for Mass. It is lovely.

I normally have her play requests for me. Mostly songs from musicals. Cole Porter, etc. So I can sing. My Brother is weirded out that I know all of the words. He thinks it just plain weird. I also know a lot of songs from the 30's-50's. From working with geriatric patients since I was 15, is my guess. You have to do something when giving someone a bath, right?

I need to find an entire Cole Porter song book to buy would be a win win deal.

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