Friday, April 25, 2008

Oye Vey....

Showed the house last night, the couples realtor was with them.

My gut tells me they were not very interested. We will see. I hope my gut is wrong.

I do not like the impromptu home showings. But really I think I need to give in, and show it whenever I have the opportunity. I will say it drives me nuts.

The Collective and I ran out and bought more plants and flowers last night. Walmart had annuals at great prices here. I let the Collective pick them. SR picked a lavender plant, a strawberry plant, and all red flowers, including salvia, pentunias, and one other I cannot recall. PN picked big petunias, and a lot of unussual textured plants. I am glad they like going to the nursery, and am thrilled they like to garden with me. I come from a long line of gardeners. I would much rather spend my day outside planting than even cooking, and that says something.

I hope my new home will have a place for me to dig in the dirt.

I love gardening, and find it ironic, that I have such allergies that it is almost a hindrance.

Last night while driving home it was a gorgeous 77 degrees, we rolled down the windows, and the air, and temperature was just right. The temperature, and condition was such that I was 12, and in the back seat of my parents Buick, and we were on the was to the drive inn movies. Strange how climate can remind you of something.

I am hoping we get this house sold, and get back home soon, so I can take The Collective to the drive inn movie in Neleigh, Nebraska. I took them 2 years ago, and want to go again. It has been 2 years?

time flies.

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