Friday, April 11, 2008

Scuze me while I dump my skull....

The last couple of weeks, heck the last month have been a blur. I am not kidding. A case of too many irons in the fire. The problem is none of the irons are hot, they are almost lukewarm.

Nothing worse than a lukewarm iron, it takes forever to get the wrinkles out...

So excuse while I dump my skull out tonight, in a sort of attempt to organize.

Sir Rowland takes the Stanford Academic Test this coming week. Orginally I thought, heck he is in kindergarten, No thanks. But I was convinced by the principal this week to let him go ahead and take it. It may help his new teachers next year to evaluate him, and his needs. My biggest issue with this, he is 6. Will he be able to sit through the darn thing?

The city arrived to assess my wash out by the storm drain, there is no gas or electric. They can fill it. They got the go ahead today. Lets see how long it takes to pour concrete.

My F150, has some sort of recall, I need to take it in and get it fixed ASAP. (It is minor)

WE are in need of a new vehicle. You readers might come in handy here. I need a sedan, 4 door, nice RIDE....smooth, lots of room, lots of trunk space, safe. I need a used one. Something good on LONG cross country trips. A car that would comfortably seat 5-6 in a pinch...The Explorer is on its final legs. I think she has 240,000 plus miles on her. I get to pick this car. YEAH!! I love how a Lincoln rides, I also like how Cadillac rides. Let me know folks...I really know nothing about mechanics/safety. I just know from being in the passenger seat in those. I've looked at a BMW, but frankly know nothing about BMW?

Lesson number 187 on painting in the darn south...humidity...oh and 11 rainy days out of 13. Well I need to slap an extra coat on.....crud...looks like I can get the West side cracked out tomorrow. Sunday the north side. The saga continues. I painted the west side, from 4-8pm tonight....I will be second coating, weather permitting for the next 5 days probably.

House hunting in our new locale, frustrating. It is pricier than I would have thought. However, you almost always get a basement. so you double the square footage. The 2 homes we were interested in, sold a little while ago. So the search continues. The main issue, getting in the school district we want. I did not think I was being picky. I thought my requests were simple. I recently found a great home, but it is only 1,200 square feet upstairs. Which is what we have for a total now. However there is a basement. So that is 2,400 square feet.... unsure if that is adequate. However, the neighborhood is one of the best, the school district, our #1 choice, and it is handy to all services we would use.....and I might mention the price is right. I would not EVER be in a pinch to make the payment. However, with the market as it is, and interest rates being what they are, I think we should look at something a little bigger...As I do not want to move anytime soon.....moving is exhausting.

My Father was shocked while visiting...why? It seems SR, has made such gradual changes, I have hardly given him enough credit. When my Father left, he called me while driving through Kansas City.

Dad: "I have been thinking this whole drive"

AWTM: "About what?"

Dad: "I cannot believe how SR, has changed. He did not have one meltdown in 6 days. Not one."

AWTM: thinking...."yeah, I guess he did not"

Dad: "He seems like a different kid...."

AWTM: "I know"

We then spoke about all of the hours SR spent crying as an infant, and how frustrated and anxious his toddler years were. I was thrilled when the hours of crying turned into meltdowns. The meltdowns went from EVERY SINGLE time you had to transition the kid to 3 a day. And now, well they only seem to rear up when he kid is fatigued, on extreme sensory overload, both, or frustrated. Also, it is just hard to describe, and too much to think about. No advice needed or wanted here. He seems to be figuring the planet out, and has managed to find the coping skills to deal with it...It is essentially amazing to all of us who know him. 6 days no meltdowns.

PN, has been challenging me lately. She is smart as a whip, doing excellent at her Mothers Day Out. Her only complaint is that when the babies poop, they make her gag. And the "boys" are naughty sometimes. However, she is trying to be a big girl now, and it is confusing her. She seems to like to make sure that I KNOW she is a big girl by arguing with my meal choices, etc. Autonomy. ewwww....I wish this phase would speed up, and she would be my sweet girl again. she likes to turn everything into an argument. I hate arguing. I have always let her make choices. So we have to figure this thing out. She is also a little miffed about her favorite man being gone. Daddy. She really misses him and is confused about why he is not here. I have explained it a million times. But heck she is 4.

Daddy was supposed to come home for the weekend. We were going to celebrate 17 years of marriage sunday. But work is such that he could not come home. Darn.

17 years. I am getting old.

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