Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday, and sunny

It is Saturday, and sunny, which means I can get in the yard.

I have a lot of raking to do. There are still old oak leaves hanging on for dear life. Living in a forest, just means a lot of raking. Usually when we rake in the fall, the 2 of us, we get about 80 bags of leaves, and then in the spring, we get about 130. Seriously.

I have only raked about 50. Oye....

I did contact the worship leader at church, looking for youth who might need $$$ in order to go on several retreats this summer. Hoping I hear from them soon, he thought it was a great idea. I asked for 4 kids.

I have a flower bed in the back to mulch, and 5 azaleas to plant, and just a lot of leaves.

The interior is looking better, amazing what fresh paint can do.

The rock beds already look better, after being blown out! I have a hook to hang in the back for another hanging planter...

Still not feeling up to par, and would rather stay in bed all day in a fetal position, with a hot pack.....

Enjoy your Saturday.

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