Monday, April 14, 2008


Spent some of my day yesterday out of doors, praying it would not rain....raking

Saturday I had spent about 4 hours putting a second coat on, and painting trim. My goal was to get the West side done. I managed to get the West side done. I also pushed, and got the most of the South side done, and 1/2 of the North. Amazing how much quicker a second coat goes on...also I am still spot painting spots I find....

Sunday, it looked like rain all day.

It never did rain. Thank GOD!

I also raked up some leaves out of the back yard. The oak leaves had hung on to the branches until the new growth pushed them off.

The pollen now....whoa! Everything has a coat of green on it. EVERYTHING. There are puddles of standing water from all of the rain we have had, and there is a scum of pollen film lying on top of the water. Disgusting. Which means I am living on 1 sudafed during the day, and 1 benedryl at night. I hate to take any more than that. I can feel the sudafed stop working around 2pm, but hate to take any more, it wires me. I have tried zyrtec, allegra, and claritin....I think the sudafed, and benedryl work better, so I will stick with that. I am also hoping when we move up north, my allergies are less prevalent...

SR, has dark circles around his eyes, snorting, sniffing and sneezing...he looks miserable.

PN also has allergies, but seems better off.

Today, I need to catch up on things indoors as long as I can stand it. Laundry in particular. Painting, raking, planting, and weeding.....well the outside looks great. However, I suppose we need clothes to wear.

I have been painting in all of my old, "everyday" clothing so I can throw it out once I am done. It will force me to buy new "everyday" clothing.

Most of the household goods have been sorted, We are down to the everyday items now....

Pantry must be sorted and cleaned out.

It is Monday.

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