Wednesday, April 23, 2008

now, the hard part starts?


So I seemed to have things somewhat under control and ready to go around here...

The sign has been up for a little over 2 weeks. A lot of traffic has been generated for some reason.

If you would have told me as I was standing on a ladder with a paint brush in hand that getting the house ready was the easy part, I would have told you..."you are freaking crazy".

But guess what, checking things off the list was the easy part. I am a list/task person. Tell me what you want done, and I will do it.

WAITING, not my strong suit. The waiting for the phone to ring, and for cars to drive by is driving me NUTZ. The WAITING for interest to be generated....oye. I am more German/Midwesty than I care to admit to, and I like things NOW.

I placed an ad in the paper yesterday, which was more expensive than I would have imagined. SERIOUSLY. I listed the house on craigslist, and military by owner, I have ordered more signs, with arrows directing folks my way.

Marketing. Which I can do, I started off at the University of Nebraska in an honors business program. But still, the wait. I hate it. I am trying to keep myself furiously busy. I am also wondering how much time I should give it, before actually hiring a realtor.

So it is back to the garage, to sort, back to the yard, there is something to do I am sure. there is always an empty box to pack, always dirty clothes to wash...

My fingers are crossed and my hopes are high.

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