Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today I have a VERY interested party coming to look at the house.

VERY interested.

They informed me they are preapproved for an amount greater than my asking price, have driven by 3 times, are in love with the photos, excited by how handy this would be due to childcare location, and work location, and asked if they paid the full price, would I pay closing.

Normally I would not mention any of this, as I am superstitious enough to think speaking of good fortune before it happens is a definite jinx. However....

I am excited and anxious for this couple to come and look at the house.

They are excited, and have a young son, and have similar careers. It would be nice to see the home filled with good energy, and optimism.

I am hopeful they like the home.

I was up late last night, nervous. Shining the doors, kick plates, head spinning.

I was also up front about all issues good and bad with the home....

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