Monday, April 28, 2008

My 6 year old is brilliant....

For the last few years, I promised myself I would get a convertible. However with the move up North, that has gone to the wayside.

Well we pulled up and the first car we saw was a BMW 2 seater.

Sir Rowland: "Mom there is your convertible, that is COOL"

AWTM: "Yeah, very, but there are only 2 seats, there would be room for only one other rider, I cannot afford that kind of mid-life crises."

Sir Rowland: "You know what is good for a mi-life crises?"

AWTM: "What dude?"

Sir Rowland: "A change in carrer."

Everyone at the car lot stopped in their tracks and died laughing....including me.

AWTM: "So what do you think I should change my career to?"

Sir Rowland: "Well, you are good at bossing people around, but you are not making any money doing that."

Bada Bing.....

Perfect delivery.

I am currently looking at the Cadillac Deville, it is pretty....but I do not want to pay for repairs

An Audi, it is pretty.

And a utilitarian toyota Avalon, with only 50,000 miles....

I will let you guess which one is winning the contest.

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