Wednesday, April 02, 2008

All is well...

My Father and his lady arrived at about 5:15pm today....Dad pulled up in his new caddy. A black car? WOW.

May not sound odd to any of you, but we all have white cars. Living in the Midwest through winter means dirty cars...White is actually the easiest to keep "looking" clean, especially while on gravel, or out in a rural area, they also do not get nearly as hot when it is summertime. Anyway, I come from a white car family. It is pretty funny when all of the cars are at my Father's house. My Father had a white caddy, a white Suburban and a white Chevy truck. We had the white Ford Explorer (which is on its last legs) and the white Ford F150, my sister has a white Cavilier, and my Brother a white Mercury Cougar and a white Ford FI50. Anywho all of us have white cars, it is actually pretty funny. Dad broke the unspoken agreement! Very funny. We always look like a team or something if we are meeting anywhere.

Dad arrived here with his girlfriend, and looked tired, poor guy. The last few years have just made him tired, and the 12 hour drive straight here was no exception. He showed up all blood shot, and beat....I think he just wants us "back home" ASAP, and that is wearing on him a bit....he is worried about me here, packing, and painting, and selling a house in a ruthless market. I promise, I have tried to alleviate the worry, after all I am the Queen of OK..and well, there is the other family stuff that has caused him great stress....which I cannot go into detail about on the blog. Stress is not good when you are a 67 year old guy, with heart disease.

Dinner was yummy. I had thrown a pork roast in the crock pot, and made a pasta salad. Nothing fancy, and easy. PN offered a lovely meal time prayer....

It is raining. No painting the outside. Day 5 of end in sight. Crap. Anywho Dad had told me a couple of days ago over the phone, well, we will just paint the inside....

So we walked from room to room tonight, and decided what needed a fresh coat of paint...

I am a lucky Mom, my children are not hard on things. Neither ram crap into walls, or are careless with things.

Kitchen, very minor touch ups.

Entryway, needs fresh paint.

Livingroom, well when you live in 1,200 square feet, and the livingroom is the LIVING room, well it needs paint.

Hallway needs paint! And that is it.

The Master looks great, both children's bedrooms are fine. Bathrooms are wallpaper, and not even the doorframes need a touch up.

I am pleased by taking a closer look and realizing we really are not rough on houses.

In good news, my father is a great painter, and quick. I am quick as well, so it should not take us long.

We have also forgone any need to paint anything any other color than vanilla ice cream....or whatever the freaking color is, but I must go to Sherwin Williams in the morning and check with them, I want the paint MATCHED. Otherwise I will end up having to paint more than I would like.

So I asked my Father if he would not mind replacing some blinds for me while he is here as a bonus, and he agreed! He will be much quicker than I would be at that task...FYI, kids ruin blinds.

Simple tool usage, well it seems to take me forever.

His girlfriend has been very sweet, they brought The Collective each an outfit, and some snacks. the kids are enjoying them. SR cheated at UNO tonight....darn kid.

Both children will be in school tomorrow....we should be able to knock out at least 2 projects.

I need to get a photo of Dad and I painting.

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