Friday, April 25, 2008

Going to call a guy about a dog...


To make a long story short...

The neighbors wife left him months ago. Since that time, both adult children have moved back home. The daughter who is NEVER home, bought what appears to be a terrior. The other adults in the house hate the dog, so they let the dog roam through the neighborhood. It is a puppy. It wants to play.

Puppies and kids like one another.

PN has taken the puppy under her wing, despite my chasing the darn thing off every 2 minutes. The dog shits in my yard, and chews whatever he finds....He likes to run with PN in the yard, and he likes to play fetch with her.

Today the puppy grabbed PN's pant leg, and got to aggressive for my liking. He bit her, and left a hefty bruise. So I went to the neighbor, and woke him at 12 noon, and asked him to PLEASE put the dog in the back yard, where it would not roam. I also informed him that it bit PN, and showed him the mark.

He apologized, and told me I could flush the dog down the toilet. Nice. Then he shut the door, and left me to deal with the dog. For the rest of the afternoon. I cannot very well keep the dog out of my yard. It is impossible.

I am going to have to call animal control in the morning, if I find the dog roaming again.

Why do people that do not have the time to care for a dog get them?

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