Tuesday, April 22, 2008

looks like rain....

A beautiful morning here, I currently have a dove cooing, a young bright cardinal, and a tree full of finches. All are singing. It is a gorgeous 69 degrees

I still cannot believe the front is done.

The back is all I have left.

I really want to finish it today, as rain is headed this way. The Collective will be gone today, so I can really WORK.

I am thrilled with the results.

The city came this morning, and put down sod, where they had dug up my yard, they did a great job. It looks better now than it did before.

My list of projects is dwindling. That is thrilling.

The list was long.

Now I need to change my focus to marketing the house.

In good news, about a month ago, there were 15 houmes for sale in my neighborhood. Currently there is one other, and mine is the better deal.

It is a matter of getting folks here now.

Have a good Tuesday.

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