Monday, April 14, 2008

This sorta stinks...


This sort of stinks...

Single parenting, preparing a house, and "showing it"....ha.

Hard work. I am a wuss.

I woke this morning to a very chilly 54 degrees. No trouble getting SR, back inot the swing of the school week!!!! YES.

So I opted to try and catch up on laundry, linens and such....I guess the laundry fairy does not get I am busy.

This afternoon, it really got nice out, so I opted to get my buttinski, and The Collective out of doors....I painted a little. Not much.

I found a car I like.

It is a 2003 cadillac deville.....

price is right, looks clean...

I need to look up info on it;

Called USAA, to find out insurance, info blue book, etc on it....they were HELPFUL!!

I heart them.

Tonight, I had an inquiry about the house. (I was praying that they did not want to see it tomorrow, I am in no mood to scramble around here all freaking night.

My couch is currently covered with folded clothes.

I did take a bag of boys clothes, to the neighbor lady, her blonde son is adorable!

A mish mash of a day.

Tomorrow both children are at school!! I am going to take a bubble bath, hit the hay early, and see what I can accomplish tomorrow!!

I hope your Tuesday is loverly!

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